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Interesting Links

If you contact any of the below people, organisations etc, please can you let them know that you found their information on my website, Glenda (PurplePoet), thanks love and light Glenda x

If you would like me to add your site to my site's link page, do email me with a link to your site and I will take a look (please note I will not add a site just because you ask me too, I will check them out first, as will my web designer, not all sites will make my links page, please do feel free to email me if I do not add yours and you want to know why)

Firstly, this [PDF] is not a link to another site in itself, but a list of helplines and other useful contact information.

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All PDF documents on this page are marked with [PDF]

A magazine that comes out monthly I can definitely recommend is Two Worlds, it is a Spiritual magazine founded in 1887 and for just £22.95 per month (UK only) you have Two Worlds delivered direct to your door for 12 months. The price for Europe by airmail is £31.50 and for the rest of the world it is £38.50 by airmail

All prices correct at the time of publishing on this site, please contact Two Worlds direct for the current prices.

Tel: 020 7064 8000
Fax: 020 7231 1751
Email: tortzen[at]globalnet[dot]co[dot]uk More information can be found at: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~tortzen
And also at: www.twoworlds.fsnet.co.uk

I have taken most of my work off my website as you can find my work on a wonderful site: Art-SX, this is my good friend Stan's site, my work is in the artists, photography and poetry section of Stan's site, this isn't just a website, it is an amazing project and worth a good look around it and don't forget to leave a comment in the guest book.

You can also find some of my art and photos at Flickr

MadforArts was a web and TV project by the Community Channel, you will find still find 12 short films (the films were shown on television) as well as being able to be viewed online. Sadly the online galleries have now gone as MFA lost its funding.

The work which could have been viewed in my online studio on the old MFA site can now be found on Stan's website, Art-SX.

You will find purplepoet in gallery from the menu where I have a number of pieces, paintings, poetry etc, there are lots of great artists to have a look at.

I also feature in one of the MFA films, they have so far made two sets of films the first being mad for arts, the second mad for poetry, where people in the films talk about a piece of public art or poetry which has had some effect on their lives.

My film was directed by a wonderful woman called Emma Parsons who has worked on many tv projects, she was great to work with and really understood me and the way in which I wanted my film to be about hope not about illness.

My partner has a good site although not an art site: Chipmunk.cwc.net, there is lots of info on this site especially if you like techy type stuff.

Some interesting Spiritual websites:

This is the website for the Spiritualist National Union, which has lots of information and links to the Arthur Findlay College and Psychic news.

This is the website for UK Healers, the National Governing body of all Spiritual Healing organisations

A fantastic medium is Bill Clarke, Tel: 023 8026 5640 or Mobile: 07910 154 707. He does private sittings in his lovely sanctuary in his garden. Do ring him for details.

Bill is a wonderful man and a fantastic medium, he frequently does mini readings at Eastleigh church on their open day whilst his lovely wife Cindy is giving healing.

MatthewInspires.co.uk, website of Matthew Smith. I have attended some of his all day workshops and I am very much looking forward to attending another of his, he is an excellent medium and teacher, he is often at Stansted and runs regular courses in the UK and abroad.

Mysticle.mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk, A lovely Portsmouth medium called John who has served Eastleigh Spiritualist Church on many occasions.

WorldwideMediums.com, this one has a good discussion forum as well as lots of information and links on Spiritualism

SpiritualConnextions.com, this one is a UK based site and has a great radio station to listen to online.

This one again has some interesting forums and chatrooms.

This is a Spiritualist site which has lots of info on and a penpals listing, nice site by a lovely man called John.

Diana Cooper, one of my favourite authors, I have just finished reading Codes of Power and about to start her next book.

Other links:

Gary has two wonderful shops in Romsey, if you need crystals, books, jewellery, candles, therapies, ear piercing, music, cards, unusual gifts etc., Gary is the man to see, his website really doesn't do his shops justice, they are a must see experience and once you have been you will go back again and again: Avalon Crystals

The vegetarian society, lots of great info on here.

The vegan society.

Organic Delivery Company.

Vegan Shoe Company.

Local vegetarian group.

At 22 Carlton Place, Southampton, SO15 2DY is the Psychic Café, which is owned by Kelvin and a great place offering lots of yummy vegi food.
Allsorts Psychic café is also where you will find the drumming workshop as well as other workshops, for info take a look at their website: ActiveArtists.org.uk

A lovely shop and holistic centre in Winchester is The Gaia Tree, well worth a visit.

Jamie's Computer Club is a wonderful charity where you can donate and/or buy computer equipment.

Affinity, Hair and Beauty, 5 The Broadway, Witts Hill, Midanbury, Southampton, SO18 4QD

This is my good friend Cheryl's hair and beauty salon, in Midanbury Southampton, she has been doing my hair for many years, since I was quite young in fact, I have lots of wonderful memories of sitting in Cheryl's kitchen at her then Chandlers Ford home, having my hair done however I wanted it, no matter how bizarre my request, I have got boring as I am getting older, no really way out hairstyles, just basic shaggy dog style with purple streaks but as I once heard, hair is not an accessory it defines who we are, were my hair to fall out again, I would have a wig that looks exactly how my hair looks now.

At affinity it is not just your hair that can be pampered, your body can as well, one thing that is not shown in the leaflets is that Affinity now also offer tanning, men and children can also get their fair share of pampering with the range of treatments Affinity offer especially for them.

Affinity is definitely a salon worth checking out, love your hair, love Affinity.

Affinity don't have a website yet but they can be contacted on 023 8055 1818

A copy of their beauty flyer is here [PDF] and a copy of their Hair flyer is here [PDF].

Paskins Hotel, Brighton

If you are going to Brighton, I thoroughly recommend the Paskins hotel, I stayed there in 2007 and will definitely stay there again.

The room was great, I had a single on the ground floor, next to the reception area, it was very clean, comfortable and surprisingly not to noisy despite the location.

The staff were brilliant, right from months before I actually stayed there, when I emailed and rang them to see if they could meet my requirements, which they did remarkably well.

The food was fantastic and being vegetarian it is not often I can say that of a hotel I stay at, they also cater for vegans and meat eaters.

They are environmentally friendly and I actually used their toiletries, which is unheard of, I have so many allergies and really dry skin, but their toiletries were lovely.

This hotel really is a must if you are staying in Brighton, the only downside is that it is not wheelchair accessible and the stairs down to breakfast are quite steep, I did manage it however using two sticks and not being the steadiest on my feet it was not easy, they did however say that I could have breakfast in my room if I wished, which was great of them, like I said the staff are really brilliant, I have never stayed anywhere, where the staff were so friendly, polite and helpful.

They have their own website: www.paskins.co.uk Tel: 01273 601 203

Parking is difficult, which is not a surprise for Brighton, and Paskins do not have their own car park, there is on street parking outside, which you have to pay for, there is one disabled bay a few doors down from Paskins.

Here [PDF] is a copy of their flyer.


If you have any unwanted clothes, furniture, white goods, unused paint, unwanted gifts etc, then Scratch is the place to take them, this charity operate several fantastic projects including the Dorcas and Basic Bank projects which are designed to relieve the effects of poverty by providing furniture, household items, clothing and emergency food to families and individuals. Please note that their opening times have changed, please ring before visiting any of their projects.

Scratch operates throughout Southampton, Eastleigh, Waterside and Winchester areas of Southern Hampshire.

Scratch web site

Scratch, Brooklands Courtyard, First Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton, SO15 0LJ
Tel: 023 8077 3132
Fax: 023 8077 7040
Email: scm2scratch[at]tiscali[dot]co[dot]uk
A copy of their very informative leaflet is here [PDF]

Cheryl Spreadbury

Another friend called Cheryl (not the Affinity Cheryl) is a Holistic Therapist and Clairvoyant medium. I have had a few enquiries as to what a Holistic Therapist is, so for those of you who don't know:

The Oxford English Dictionary definition is:
noun Medicine the treating of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.
DERIVATIVES holistic adjective.
ORIGIN from Greek holos 'whole'.

So basically a Holistic Therapist is looking at you in the whole: mind, body, spirit as well as environmental (life) factors. Holistic Therapists are complimentary therapists which means they work alongside orthodox medicine unlike an Alternative Practitioner or Therapist who is exactly that and alternative to orthodox medicine.

A complimentary therapist would never tell you to stop treatment or medications you are receiving from a orthodox practitioner such as your GP, hospital etc. You should always let your GP know what you are doing and discuss any concerns you have with them, never just stop taking a prescription medication without first consulting the prescribing doctor.

Cheryl has been a Holistic Therapist for 10 years and works from her home "Treatment Room" in a residential area of Eastleigh, near to the new Pirelli Housing Estate. It is easily accessible from either Passfield Avenue, Derby Road, or George Raymond Road. Address and directions will be given by Cheryl upon booking.

Amongst some of the treatments Cheryl offers are: Reflexology, Indian head massage, Reiki, Hopi ear candles as well as these treatments Cheryl also works as a clairvoyant medium and offers private sittings as well as Angel Card readings.

Cheryl can be contacted by:
Tel: 023 8036 9514 or Email: tranquilityrainbow[at]yahoo.co.uk
A copy of her brochure is here [PDF]

My cousin Loraine works her 'magic' on your hands with manicures and pedicures, she also does paraffin wax manicures and pedicures, which are heavenly especially if you have pain in your hands and feet.

I have both a paraffin wax manicure and pedicure booked in the next couple of months and I am really looking forward to them, I get a lot of pain in my hands, wrists and feet and the paraffin wax treatments really are great.

Loraine also sells hand made cards and you can purchase gift vouchers for treatments from her, which she makes cards to suit your needs, for example if the treatment you are paying for is for a 50th birthday for someone who really likes pink and butterflies, she can make a gift card which includes pink and butterflies as well as the words Happy 50th Birthday if you desire.

To contact Loraine:

Telephone 023 8061 7446, or email lcj3boys[at]aol[dot]com

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