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Lastly a little about me, my life and some of the people in it

My name is Glenda and I am into my 40s now, although getting old doesn't mean I have to grown up and I still feel about 22 (if not 12) in my head. I have purple hair and no dress sense. I am a Spiritualist and whilst still remaining an active member of the healing group, I have stepped down as healing group leader in my local church after nearly 5 years in order to spend time on other aspects. Whilst my interests are wide and varied the biggest passions in my life are Spiritualism, mental health, creative arts, my family and friends.

I came into Spiritualism some years ago when a friend asked me if I would like to go along one night with her, I had been to the church some years before to have healing but had never been to a service. I must admit I was a little apprehensive but agreed to go along, well it felt like going home, I had seen spirit all my life and had, had many experiences which nobody could explain to the point where I soon learnt when I was young, not to tell people because they thought I was quite odd, well they still do, for many reasons, it just doesn't bother me anymore.

Since joining the church and becoming a class B member of the Spiritualist National Union of Churches, I have never looked back, I have learnt so much about the philosophy of Spiritualism, healing, the world of spirit, myself, my fellow man, the world of nature etc, and I am fully aware that I still have so much to learn in fact we never really do stop learning.

For me Spiritualism is not just my religion, something I go to church for on a Sunday and then forget the rest of the week, it is my whole way of life, I truly believe and live by the Seven Principles, especially the 5th principle Personal Responsibility, I attempt to live my life in a good and honest way, I try to look at my life and think about the actions I take, the words I use, the way I live and consider what the consequences all of this have on the world around me.

Of course I am not perfect, none of us are and sometimes if not often I make mistakes, but I do try to learn from these experiences. Life is after all a learning experience!

Mental Health is a big part of my life, I have experienced mental ill health myself and as a result of which, I have worked in the voluntary sector of mental health as a volunteer since January 1993, with four years being as chairperson of a local mental health charity, which I only resigned from in August of 2004, although I loved the work it was time to move on.

I am still involved in mental health in a voluntary capacity by way of: delivering training, campaigning, public speaking, sitting on steering panels, facilitating with the drama group Making a Scene etc.

1 in 4 people will at some point in their lives experience mental ill health and I truly believe that education, tackling fear, discrimination and prejudice is very important.

Through the internet I have met many amazing people from all over the world, including my wonderful partner, we met via Yahoo or Yahell as he likes to refer to it especially when it is playing up, we had known each other and chatted regularly for a few years before actually meeting in the summer of 2005 and we have been together since 1st Jan 2006. He is great and I love him very much, we make a great team, he also loves to help with the voluntary work I do and has been invaluable with some of the projects we have undertaken recently.

A lot of the mail or messages I receive from people are a result of the fact that amongst my list of interests in my profiles on various sites are Spiritualism, Healing and mental health.

I have put some helplines on this site because sometimes all people need is someone to listen to them, unconditionally and non-judging, I do keep a huge list of many help line numbers and details of various organisations which can be of assistance.

If you have looked in the mental health section of my site and can't find what you are looking for do email me and ask, I have a very comprehensive help and info directory for the general public, those experiencing mental distress, carers, children, employers etc.

If you try a link and it doesn't work, do let me know via email so that I can check it, equally if there is something you find that you think I should add do let me know and I will take a look.

Many people I have met online over the years have become really good friends whom I have learnt so much from, about different cultures, different religions, ways of life, personalities, interests etc.

Like I said at the beginning of this piece, my interests are wide and varied, far to many to list here, I am a great believer in having interests, hobbies and learning, be that educational courses or through life itself.

We have no limitations in this life except those we set upon ourselves, always remember that life is a precious gift in which anything is possible, hold on to and believe in your dreams.

Love and light Glenda :-)

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